Welcome to the world of light and darkness, to the world where every soul is welcome and there's no shutting doors to those that are different. I've decided for the life purpose that might not be easy but I came to realise it into this life and with the help of life itself. Every human being walks the path of its own serving and that's why the most suitable path is only its own. Every imitation is pointless because you cannot walk the path of your own life purpose by imitating, you can only distance yourself from it.

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I first noticed The Black Cat Jewellery Store in The Gothic Shop. This is online shop for gothic clothing and accessories. http://www.the-gothic-shop.co.uk/Then I discover the page http://www.theblackcatjewellerystore.co.uk/ with amazing handmade jewellery. There are many collections but I focused on The Gothic Collection. :)I was immediately in love with choker necklace Jeanette Black Velvet Chandelier Choker w Swarovski Crystals and earrings Jeanette Chandelier Earrings w Swarovski Crystals. The necklace is handmade from 16 mm, black velvet and a silver chandelier and Swarovsky ...

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